The Customer Care Charter

Greenacre Construction is committed to providing you, our customers, with quality homes. The whole Greenacre team is working to achieve one common goal: to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with your new Greenacre home, from the moment that you make your reservation, to the day you move in and beyond. No matter who you are dealing with, or what queries, questions or complaints you may have, you can be confident that our people and procedures will adhere to the terms of our Charter and the ‘Consumer Code for Home Builders.’

A copy of the Consumer Code for Home Builders is only available on our website.

We will be approachable in all our dealings with you, by being polite, clear and straightforward in response to every contact with you. If we are not able to give you an immediate answer to a query, we pledge to respond to you within one working day. Our staff are trained to understand their responsibilities in all of their dealings with you, in accordance with our Charter and the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

Our planning and process will be clear and truthful. As part of the process of building your home, you will receive comprehensive information explaining the developement process and the ways in which you can get the most out of living in your new home.

We will be on hand to assist you throughout the process of renovating/building your home.

Our contract of sale terms and conditions will be clear and fair, with cancellation rights explained.

We will provide you with an anticipated completion date, in order for you to plan your moving arrangements.

We will ask you to attend a Home Demonstration with us, either before or after Legal Completion, to demonstrate the fixtures and fittings within your new Greenacre home at your convenience.

Your new Greenacre home will be cleaned, ready for the day you move in.

We will welcome you into your new Greenacre home on the day of Completion.

We will contact you within 14 days of moving in to your new Greenacre home, to check you are settling in and to answer any queries.

All supplied appliances will be covered under their respective manufacturer warranties.

We will endeavour to keep the area around your new home as clean and tidy as possible, as well as the remainder of the Greenacre Construction development. We will provide health & safety advice to help reduce the potential risk of danger to you and your family, whilst building works are in progress.

Greenacre Construction measures and reviews its performance internally, in order for continual improvements to be made to its products and services. This Charter is also reviewed annually in support of Quality Management principles.

Our Customer Charter commitments do not affect your statutory rights.